Product configurator proof of concept

Luxury home furnishings


A product configurator has a good fit in the purchase journey of these products.

The challenge – to devise a modular system that could handle tens of thousands of possible product configurations. For internal company purposes, an initial interactive proof of concept was requested.


Requirements – a kickoff workshop workshop defined the basics of the configuration journey along with product strategy basics.

A follow up presentation covered competitor and best practice examples, and confirmation of requirements.

Product research set some boundaries around the number of steps required, and which should come first.

The configuration journey starts with choices which will affect subsequent options. After making those initial choices, the shopper can move back and forth configuring, and editing their product.

The ‘basket’ view contains accessories, and promotions.


Built in Axure, the prototype features:

  • Guided journey
  • Modular – accommodates more than one product type
  • Handles tens of thousands of variations
  • Mobile first
  • Upsell functionality