Identifying, & designing for, a B2B audience

B2B SaaS company

Lead a series of workshops with this B2B client, to identify who their key audience is, & the role the site plays in their decision making.

The resulting insight led to a new strategy, & site structure, tailored specifically to gaining conversions form that key audience.


This B2B website, like many competitors, was bursting with content – pages laden with technical jargon, news, blog, white papers – and with navigation based on technology rather than client needs.
Creating content for the site took time and effort, but was it helping win sales?


A series of workshops with stakeholders investigated the audience, the purchase journey, and the role the website plays:

  1. Who are audience?
  2. How is the product sold?
  3. Who are the purchasers?
  4. What role does the website play in their decision?
  5. How can the website support the purchase journey?


The most important audience are senior decision makers, who know the company already. Visit to the site are to check for evidence of capability and credibility.

This insight lead to new strategies for content and navigation focusing on that one audience. Gone from the slimmed-down site are pages laden with technical terms. The new content focuses on problems solved, and the resulting outcomes.

4 years later the site is still helping to win sales.