Agile redesign of B2B events platform & workflows

Silicon valley tech company

Design of workflows & journeys, where non previously existed, for a B2B event planning & management interface. Divided into mini-sprints & delivered in agile fashion.

Finished product provides users with guided, step-by-step, workflows, and management interface.


This self-service B2B event planning platform provided no workflow for either the admins or their clients. Individual screens were busy with irrelevant data, while useful information required clicks to reveal.

Completing simple tasks required navigating, to multiple, disparate locations across the interface.


While time had not been allowed for either discovery, or the design of workflows, these were an essential part of building a better product.

The basic interface was divined into related pieces of functionality, each becoming a mini-sprint – analysis of pain points on one day, draft wireframes prototyped day two, feedback, and iteration on the third day.

Journeys were also iterated. Building out each sub journey within event creation and management, while simultaneously developing the complete workflows.


Workflows in the finished product guide users on step-by-step journeys to create and manage events. Progress is indicated, options are clear, only valid choices can be made.

Managements screens are task based. Relevant information, and actions, is available at first sight. Any relevant functionality is to hand, available where possible, directly on screen or via a modal window.