Definition & strategy

Synthesis of research and discovery findings into user stories and related artefacts (personas, user profiles, user journey maps, business process maps etc.) to communicate user and business needs. Testing and refining ideas to create a viable product proposal to carry forward into development and delivery.


Planning, and facilitating collaborative workshops sessions to solve problems and enable progress.


Audiences & personas

Synthesis of user research into archetypal models to inform design thinking, or user-centred design processes.

User journeys

User journeys & journey maps

Synthesis of research into a map of the customer’s experience, setting the context for subsequent design work.



Creating content that is useful, usable, accessible, and aligns with business needs.

Information architecture

Taxonomy & Information Architecture

Classifying, organising, and structuring sites, pages, and information so that users can find what they need.


Feature prioritisation & strategy

Considering the needs of the business and users, and technology, when determining where to focus effort and which features to prioritise.