A senior/lead user experience designer with a degree in product design and over 10 years of experience in UX, CX and service design.

  • Client-facing
  • Experience delivering large, long-term, projects
  • In-house and agency experience in startups to FTSE 100s
  • Team building and mentoring
  • Extensive remote working experience

Career overview

A practitioner of UX since 2010, with experience that covers the full breadth of user experience design, from research to delivery. I have worked, both in-house and at agencies, with the smallest of startups to FTSE 100 companies.

Experience includes native apps and websites for: ecommerce, B2B, B2C, finance, citizen science healthcare and sport.

Evidence based design

With a user-centred approach to design, and employing established UX methodologies, I aim to deliver solutions that meet business and user needs so delivering measurably better results.


I am a hands-on designer who is able to organise and facilitate discovery activities including interviews and workshops, through to prototyping, testing, writing up and presenting.

UX, CX & Service design experience


Interviews, workshop facilitation and user testing.


Workshop facilitation

Planning and running workshops.


Strategy and product planning

Meeting the needs of the business and its audience.


User engagement

Understanding, and engaging with, the target audience.


Competitor analysis

Auditing, analysing, comparing, and benchmarking.


Content strategy

Developing content pillars and tone of voice to meet project objectives.



Evaluating, and prioritising, feature development.


Information architecture

Mapping, planning, and documenting systems.


User journeys and flows

Developing, prototyping, and testing journeys.


UX copy

Copy, and tone of voice, to guide users through their journeys.


Paper prototyping

Rapid iteration of ideas on paper and whiteboard.


Prototyping and testing

Building, testing, and iterating protypes.



Writing up, and presenting, concepts and finished products.


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Recent work

Most recently I’ve been working on a B2B interface at MetaPack, CX and UX for a luxury interiors brand and a high street skincare brand, and, running discovery sprints at Babylon Health.

Research & UX

Research, experience map, journey planning, and definition workshops, which were developed into fully documented UX for skincare & beauty brand.

Beauty & skincare ecommerce

Definition workshops

Workshop facilitation, content audit & journey mapping, documented in an experience guide containing strategy and roadmap.

B2C & B2B Health tech

Interactive proof of concept

Proof of concept for a product configurator. Client workshop, product research and IA, developed into a mobile-first, responsive, proof of concept built in Axure.

Ecommerce web & app

Remote sprints

A series of mini-sprints, working remotely with client, to discover, define and deliver improvements to a major tech company’s event planning and management interface.

B2B admin & workflow

Download portfolio (pdf)

Experience by industry


  • Event organisation and management
  • Digital asset management systems
  • Corporate websites

Citizen science nature recording

  • User recruitment and engagement
  • Nature recording apps

Consumer goods

  • Campaign landing pages, competitions, micro sites
  • Food and confectionary
  • Grooming and personal care

Content & publishing

  • Online magazine
  • Social and blogging


  • Automotive
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Fashion
  • Home furnishings
  • In-store tablet sales assistant apps
  • Product configurators
  • Supermarket
  • Reward and loyalty programmes

Financial services

  • Call centre KYC and workflows
  • Relationship management apps
  • Product landing pages
  • Banking workflows


  • B2C healthcare
  • Product sites
  • Ecommerce

Hotels and travel

  • Booking apps
  • Listing sites
  • Campaign landing pages and editorial content


  • Event promotion
  • Race day phone experience

Ticket sales and booking systems

  • Online ticket sales
  • Event management


  • Programme guide app


Currently available.


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